“Our Calgary Painters have to work in a lot of difficult conditions, and not the least of them is the constant worry of the paint dribbling onto the clothes. Painter uniforms have to be very different because of the adverse conditions in which painters have to work.”
But advancement in fabrics has now made it possible to design the right kind of painter uniforms. Our Calgary painters uniforms are now made of good quality synthetic fabrics that are thick so that they do not allow the stray pants to seep into the inner clothes that the painter is wearing. Also, the synthetic fabrics have enhanced washable properties, which make it possible for them to become absolutely clean with single washes. You will only have to put in the fabrics in your washing machine with the right kind of detergent for synthetic fibers and wash it normally. You will see the uniforms come out, as good as new, without any trace of paint on them. This sure beats the need of having to buy new painters uniforms every month!
Their enhanced washability also makes it possible for the uniform makers to use different patterns and colors on the uniforms. You will now find a lot of colors for the Calgary painters uniforms, and many manufacturers will even personalize the uniforms for you by embroidering your label onto them. That means, your painters can be quite different from others, and you can actually work at creating a brand image through the uniforms you wear.
You must look out for the bib overalls if you are shopping for painter uniforms. The bib overalls painters use are slightly different. They have front flaps to protect their chests from the paint splashes. They are generally held up by big buttons. If you want better protection from the paint, then you can look into the coveralls.
You must realize that painters will have to often work in hazardous environments. Sometimes they might have to be on scaffoldings for a long time as they are painting the exterior of a building. For this reason, it is necessary that the painter’s uniforms be comfort fits. Look for the painter uniforms that are designed in the shape of cargo uniforms. Your painters will love them.
Of course, the overall design of the painter uniforms is much necessary to create the ‘look’. You cannot go wrong if you select the big-buttoned bib overalls from some of the leading brands. Even overalls with lots of pockets look good and also give better utility.
Your painters will need accessories too. Two of the important things that they must be accessorized with are painter hats and painter boots. The painter hats are often fluorescent yellow in color and look quite similar to the hats that construction workers use. Their bright colors enhance the visibility of the painter and hence provide protection from accidents. You will get good boots too. Make sure you get the rugged nonslip boots because there might be slipping accidents in the areas where painters work.
On-line retailers normally have a full range of painter uniforms that is as extensive as it gets. Major offerings from on-line retailers are jackets, bib overalls, coveralls, shirts and trousers, hats and boots that are specially designed for painters. You could have a tough time making a selection with so many options.